Jackknifed truck blocks Portland Street, St. Johnsbury

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ST. JOHNSBURY — A tractor-trailer jackknifed across Portland Street in St. Johnsbury this morning.

The 2014 Freightliner and trailer combination was found to be completely obstructing the road, and the tractor was stuck in a drainage ditch.

Traffic was briefly detoured to Concord Avenue while Lyndon Truck Center responded to free the vehicle.

Police say the driver had arrived in the area to pick up cargo.

He drove past the pickup location and attempted a U-turn, leaving the marked portion of the road and becoming mired in the drainage ditch.

Police say both the tractor and the trailer were not displaying registration plates as required by law.

Authorities inspected the vehicle and say civil violation issuance is pending.

Lyndon Truck Center cleared the obstruction within an hour.