Police: Lyndonville residents facing charges for harboring runaway minor

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LYNDONVILLE — A man and woman from Lyndonville are facing numerous charges after police say they harbored a runaway child earlier this month.

Police say Angel Morales Cordova, 22, and James Roy, 19, have been cited for aiding a runaway child, enabling alcohol consumption by a minor, dispensing regulated drugs to a minor, and making a false report to police.

The incident goes back to October 13, when police were notified of a runaway child.

Police say they investigated the incident for the duration of the night and into the next day, interviewing people, and even bringing in a K9 unit to track.

The child was located in the early hours the next day and returned to the custody of their guardian.

Police say Morales Cordova and Roy had knowingly and unlawfully harbored the runaway child in their residence while troopers and the child’s guardian were conducting a search of the area.

Police also allege they knowingly misled the investigation and provided false statements to them when interviewed.

Morales Cordova and Roy also enabled the child to consume alcohol and provided the child with marijuana while the child was being harbored in their residence, police say.

Both were cited to appear in court on November 11 to answer the charges.

Police say they are still investigating this case, and are looking to speak with a 21-year-old man from the Lyndonville area who may have been involved, but that they have yet to locate him.