St. Peter’s Church in Lyndonville awarded over $8,000 in grants

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LYNDONVILLE — St. Peter’s Church in Lyndonville is one of the seven episcopal congregations set to receive grants by the Episcopal Church’s Grants and Loans Committee in Vermont.

The Committee has awarded a total of about $50,000 in grants for the calendar year, with almost $18,000 in grants announced in the first half of the year.

Eligible applicants included Episcopal congregations and diocesan entities in Vermont State, as well as parishes and other organizations affiliated with the Diocese.

In recent years, the attached vicarage at St. Peter’s in Lyndonville has been repurposed to serve as a rental residence, and a grant of approximately $8,700 will support repairs to the building.

On-site living quarters were once a common feature of Episcopal churches, but are becoming increasingly less popular in recent years.

The historic vicarage can continue to function as a rental residence as a much-needed addition to the affordable housing market and an opportunity for community service from the church’s perspective.