Driver arrested for DUI after allegedly attempting to steal beer when vehicle ran out of gas in Fairfield

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FAIRFIELD — A 50-year-old Alburg man was arrested on multiple charges following an incident in Fairfield yesterday.

Police were notified of an erratic vehicle in the area of New Street and Route 36 at around 6:03 p.m.

While searching for the vehicle, police received several reports of the driver driving in the Fairfield area, including a report that the driver has attempted to steal beer from one of the local stores.

Police found the vehicle involved parked in a Fairfield resident’s front lawn and the driver was reportedly at a local store down the road after having run out of gas.

St. Albans barracks had searched the area after being told that the driver, identified as Scott Allen, had left the store on foot.

Police identified Allen walking in the area and took him into custody.

He was transported to the St. Albans barrack for processing.

At the conclusion of which Allen was taken to St. Albans Detox and released with a citation to appear in court on September 15 to answer to the charges of DUI, disorderly conduct and possession of depressant, stimulant or narcotic drug.