Police: Protester arrested in St. Albans after threatening man with a firearm

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ST. ALBANS — A Milton man has been charged with assault for allegedly threatening another man with a firearm at a demonstration in Taylor Park yesterday.

Police say during the final hour of an otherwise peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration in St. Albans, they were deployed for a called-in report of a protester involved in an argument with a passerby.

Officers made contact with the victim who said that the suspect, Christopher Reynolds, 22, of Milton, who was protesting, threatened him with a firearm.

Police say the victim was confronted by Reynolds when the victim said, “all lives mattered” to the protesting and chanting crowd.

An argument ensued and the victim crossed Main Street and entered the park to debate the issue further.

According to police, the victim’s statement and video evidence obtained at the scene shows the victim being confronted by Christopher Reynolds, and verbally threatened the victim by saying, “do something or I certainly will,” while approaching the victim with his hand on the grip of his gun which was being openly carried on his hip.

Reynolds was taken into custody and processed at the St. Albans Police Department where he was released on a court citation to appear at Franklin County Superior Court for aggravated assault.

The handgun was seized as evidence.