St. Albans man with arrest warrant for 4th DUI, picked up for DUI

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ST. ALBANS — A 43-year-old St. Albans man was arrested for multiple charges on Wednesday.

An off duty police officer stated that he saw Steven Cadieux, shopping at Hannaford.

The officer says that he knew Cadieux to have a felony arrest warrant for failing to appear for his arraignment following being arrested for his fourth DUI.

Authorities responded to the scene and located Cadieux driving his truck south on Swanton Road.

Authorities stopped Cadieux and arrested him for the outstanding arrest warrant.

In addition to the arrest warrant, police say they found Cadieux was driving his vehicle with a criminally suspended license, and under the influence of alcohol.

Police say Cadieux now faces new charges of DUI and driving with a criminally suspended license.

A judge ordered Cadieux held on $5,000.00 bail.

He was cited to appear in court on November 12.