Two fires that broke out in Highgate considered suspicious

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HIGHGATE — Police are investigating a fire that completely destroyed two buildings in Highgate on Sunday.

The fire broke out at a barn on Waugh Farm Road at around 10:30 p.m.

Firefighters say the barn was fully involved, as was another building just north of the barn when they arrived.

Despite the efforts of the Highgate Fire Department, assisted by the Swanton and St. Albans Town Fire Departments, both buildings were destroyed.

Investigators say a second fire scene was discovered nearly a quarter-mile south of the original fire scene.

The second fire scene involved two abandoned mobile homes that were destroyed.

Yesterday, authorities arrived and began the origin and cause examination.

According to the report, the two buildings that were destroyed were not in current use by the farm company and were vacant of both machinery and animals.

The barn had not been in use for an extended period of time and was not supplied with electrical power.

The second building involved was located nearly 175 feet to the north of the barn and also was not in use and empty of material and supplies.

Police say shortly before this fire was reported, several all-terrain vehicles were seen, and heard, leaving the area.

Police say the fire involving the two mobile homes took place on Saturday sometime after 10:00 p.m.

They also learned that a small, dark-color car was seen leaving the scene just before the fire was discovered.

Police are still investigating these two fire events and say the circumstances are considered suspicious.

Anyone with information about these fire events is being asked to contact the State Police at (802) 524-5992.