Hyde Park man facing multiple charges including kidnapping

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BELVIDERE — A 27-year-old man from Hyde Park was arrested following an incident in Belvidere last week.

Authorities say they were notified of multiple 911 calls regarding a man attempting to take a baby away from a woman on the side of the road along with Vermont 109 at around 7:20 p.m.

Police say they responded with Lamoille County Sheriff’s Deputies and located the man next to a vehicle parked on the side of VT-109.

The man was identified as Richard Spitzer.

The woman and the baby were found to be safe in the vehicle of someone who lived nearby the scene of the incident.

Following an investigation, police say that a verbal dispute occurred between Spitzer and the victim while they were in their vehicle.

This led to him exiting the vehicle and attempting to gain access to the woman who was in the driver’s seat by kicking in the window.

He then gained access to the backseat of the vehicle and took the victim’s baby, who Spitzer is not related to, and fled across the road into the woods while making multiple threatening statements.

Police say during this incident Spitzer took the victim’s cell phone when she attempted to call 911, broke the car’s key off in the ignition, and struck her several times.

Prior to law enforcement’s arrival on the scene, Spitzer ultimately returned the baby to the victim.

Spitzer was arrested and transported to the Williston State Police barracks for processing for the charges of kidnapping (felony), domestic assault (misdemeanor), unlawful mischief (misdemeanor), interference with access to emergency services (misdemeanor), aggravated disorderly conduct (misdemeanor), offenses committed in the presence of a child (enhancement), and criminal threatening (misdemeanor).