Mother and daughter Morrisville residents sentenced for drug trafficking, ordered to forfeit house

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MORRISVILLE —  Esperanza Delarosa, 52, and her daughter Susan Mateo, 28, were both sentenced to prison terms for conspiring to distribute heroin, fentanyl, and oxycodone. 

The judge sentenced Delarosa to a 69-month term of imprisonment, to be followed by a 4-year term of supervised release. 

On October 4, 2019, Judge Reiss sentenced Mateo to a 6-month term of imprisonment to be followed by a 3-year term of supervised release. 

The court ordered Mateo’s Morrisville house be forfeited to the government, as it was the proceeds of, and directly facilitated, the defendants’ unlawful distribution of controlled substances. 

In addition, the defendants agreed to forfeit a 2011 Ford Escape Limited, $8,626.26 seized from their bank accounts, and $3,258 of U.S. currency seized from Delarosa’s person.

According to Court documents, between October 2017 and January 23, 2018, Delarosa and Mateo conspired to distribute heroin, fentanyl and oxycodone. 

Utilizing a confidential informant, law enforcement purchased suspected oxycodone and heroin from both defendants.

In total, laboratory testing revealed the suspected oxycodone was in fact oxycodone, but the suspected heroin was laced with fentanyl. 

Law enforcement’s financial investigation revealed that defendant Delarosa utilized a bank account to facilitate her drug trafficking, requiring co-conspirators to deposit funds in the bank account directly, rather than providing Delarosa with cash. 

Law enforcement’s financial investigation also revealed that on September 21, 2017, Mateo paid a $10,000 cash deposit to a foreclosure auctioneer to secure the right to purchase a house located on Randolph Road in Morrisville. 

Delarosa subsequently paid an additional $75,000 in cash to conclude the purchase of the house. 

Both defendants have admitted the $85,000 in cash used to purchase the house was proceeds of drug trafficking activity.