Officials, residents, and funders celebrate Hardwick community

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MORRISVILLE — State Senator Jane Kitchel and State Representative Chip Troiano were among residents, funders, community members, municipal officials and two nonprofit affordable housing organizations celebrating yesterday the completion of Jeudevine Housing and their continued commitment to the Hardwick community.

Affordable housing owners and developers, Lamoille Housing Partnership (LHP) and Housing Vermont (HVT) completed improvements of Jeudevine Housing which includes the rehabilitation of three multi-family properties including two historic buildings, and a Main Street commercial business in downtown Hardwick.

The Jeudevine rehabilitation project significantly upgrades and preserves 18 affordable rental homes and makes renovations to 9 Main Street, a mixed-use building the nonprofits’ helped to construct in 1993 after a fire destroyed an existing building on Main Street.

Funding totaling $4.4 million from numerous sources was raised to cover the total development costs.

Newly renovated buildings include 143 Highland Avenue, 38 Slapp Hill Road and 9 South Main Street.

“Renovating these three properties was a challenge,” said Housing Vermont President Nancy Owens. “However, it offers several important benefits including investment in the long term quality of the buildings to preserve 18 homes, while creating a safer healthier environment for current residents, and for the Hardwick community for years to come.”

In addition to Jeudevine Housing, LHP and HVT’s prior affordable housing collaborations in Hardwick include Bemis Block, Maple Street Apartments, and Cherry Street Apartments.

These community development projects have added 56 units of affordable rental housing, both subsidized and permanently affordable and 4 commercial spaces to Hardwick’s housing landscape.

“When we invest in housing, we make a long term commitment both to the project and to the community at large, we help house residents, improve properties, and add value to the grand list,” said Jim Lovinsky, Executive Director of Lamoille Housing Partnership. “Our hope is that our investments will help spark other private investment as well.”