Tammy Lurvey, EMT with Morrisville Ambulance to be given 2019 Frank Silfies Award

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MORRISVILLE — Team Two recently announced the recipients of the 2019 Team Two Frank Silfies, Sr. Award.

The award is traditionally presented to a law enforcement officer and a mental health crisis clinician who exemplify collaborative response to mental health crises.

This year, Tammy Lurvey, an EMT with Morrisville Ambulance, will be honored with the award.

Ms. Lurvey was nominated by the entire crisis team at Lamoille County Mental Health Services.

In their nomination, the team talked about Ms. Lurvey using “the golden voice” in talking with folks in a medical and/or mental health crisis.

“She demonstrates this on a daily basis. An example of this was a time at the emergency room with someone in a manic episode who was refusing to go to a recommended crisis bed, preferring to stay at the ER. After everyone’s best efforts were unsuccessful, Tammy was able to convince the person to go to the crisis bed as the best place for her to get well.”

Ms. Lurvey has also invited mental health staff to her EMT training to provide information about mental illness and best approaches to working with folks in crisis.

The team provided some great examples of Ms. Lurvey’s ability to work with people in a crisis.

“She has been able to get people in crisis to take meds, change their clothes and take showers when no one else in the ED or on the mobile crisis team have been able to do so. She has the ability to ground all players in elevated situations. Clients and staff trust the genuineness of her depth and levity.”

Presentation of the award will be held in Room 11 at the State House on January 29, 2020, during Mental Health Advocacy Day.

Team Two is a statewide training curriculum where law enforcement, police dispatchers and mental health crisis workers train together to strengthen collaboration when responding to mental health crises.

The Frank Silfies, Sr. Award was created in memory of Frank Silfies, the former Emergency Services Director at Health Care and Rehabilitation Services (HCRS) and a valuable member of the original Team Two Steering Committee.

This award honors Frank’s commitment to first responders working collaboratively to find the safest, best outcome for people experiencing a mental health crisis.