Barre City Pouliot Avenue stormwater mitigation project completed

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BARRE – In order to stabilize a gully at the end of Pouliot Avenue, Barre City completed a stormwater mitigation project.

Originally identified through a stormwater assessment by Friends of the Winooski River and Watershed Consulting Associates, LLC, the project was funded by a Clean Water Block Grant, through the Clean Water Initiative Program, with local match provided by Barre City.

The project involved stabilization of a gully at the end of Pouliot Avenue.

The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission, in partnership with Barre City, Watershed Consulting Associates, LLC, Civil Engineering Associates, and Avery Excavation, Inc. completed this stormwater mitigation project in early October, 2019.

A significant source of sediment and phosphorus to the Stevens Branch and eventually Lake Champlain was the severe erosion that occurred over time and caused the gully to develop.

Stormwater runoff from both the outlet of Barre City’s Pouliot Avenue and the surrounding hillside in Barre Town caused the erosion.

The implementation of this project entailed removing debris accumulated within the gully and stabilizing it with stone gabions or blocks of wire baskets filled with stone, vegetated side slopes, retrofitted culvert, and stone stabilization around the culvert.