Bicyclist injured after hit by truck on US Route 2, East Montpelier

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EAST MONTPELIER — Police responded to a crash with injuries involving a truck and a bicycle in East Montpelier yesterday.

The incident took place at the intersection of U.S Route 2 and Packard Road.

According to the report, Robert Boisvert, 50, of Graniteville, was headed west on U.S Route 2 in a truck towing a trailer.

Boisvert told police that he saw Stephanie Rieke, 40, of Plainfield, on a bicycle and assumed he had enough time to complete the right turn onto Packard Road.

But Boisvert said that he did not realize Rieke was a Bicycle with an electric motor which was travelling faster than anticipated.
According to the report, he also told police that when he realized how close Rieke was, he attempted to accelerate.

Rieke struck the passenger side fender and the tire of the trailer.

Rieke was headed East on U.S Route 2 at 21 miles-per-hour, police say, and was wearing a helmet and suffered minor injuries.

Rieke was transported to the hospital for evaluation of injuries.

State Police are reminding motorists to use caution when approaching, and turning in front of bicycles.

Bicycles powered by electric motors, commonly referred to as “E-Bikes,” are able to move more quickly than traditional bicycles and are becoming increasingly popular.

Police say motorists are urged to use more caution.

Similarly, users of this new mode of transportation are advised to use caution when operating in traffic, as motorists may not be aware of the speed at which they are travelling.