Lockdown in Montpelier likely caused by umbrella mistaken for gun

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MONTPELIER — The investigation of the incident which prompted the emergency response at 133 State Street and 6 Baldwin Street and the lockdown of several state office buildings in the Montpelier Capitol Complex on August 30, has been completed. 

The response resulted from a report from two individuals outside the building that they saw an individual enter 133 State Street carrying what they believed to be a long gun.

No gun was found during a search of the buildings and no occupants of the buildings saw a firearm.

Witnesses did observe an individual enter the building with a long black umbrella with a wooden handle and subsequent investigation by the Montpelier Police Department has led to the conclusion that the suspicious person was most likely the individual with the umbrella.

“The Administration appreciates the prompt and thorough response and investigation that was provided by the Montpelier Police Department and the work of the many other first responders and state employees who helped manage the situation on Friday,” said Secretary of Administration, Susanne Young. “While the conclusion of the investigation yielded no real threat, it is important to underscore that if you ‘see something, say something,’ and that we will always take credible reports such as this one seriously.”

Young went on to say that the incident serves as an important test of building response plans and employee preparedness and an opportunity to examine and improve them moving forward.