Two-vehicle crash in Waterbury

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WATERBURY — Police responded to a two-vehicle crash in Waterbury yesterday.

The crash took place on Waterbury-Stowe Road near the Colby House at around 11:30 a.m.

One vehicle was completely in the road, unmovable, and another was partially in the road when police arrived on the scene.

Following an investigation, police say, Kelsey Butchino, 21, of Northfield, attempted to turn on Waterbury-Stowe Road from an intersecting driveway and was struck by Terry Fitzgerald, 61, of Waterbury, who was headed north.

Following the crash, police issued a statement advising drivers to proceed with caution and be aware of traffic conditions before entering an intersecting roadway, regardless of signs, perceived hand-motions, or turn signals.

Both vehicles were removed from the road and the road was opened from one lane to normal conditions.